Top 9 ways to Rank your Website


Are you looking to improve your PageRank on Google? Here are 9 ways to increase your website ranking

Title tags

Title tags are an essential which correspond to the rank of your website. Title tags are positioned on top of the webpage. There are high chances for search engines to pick your webpage if your title content matches the user’s keyword search. It is important to focus on selective keywords that are relevant to your business to be highly effective in your marketing strategy.

Meta Data

Meta Data is the brief description of your webpage that is highlighted on search engines. It is important that your meta data description has good content related to your business that can help your customer’s to decide whether to click on your link. Meta data description should be concise that specifies a brief and accurate description of your webpage.

Page Speed

The performance of your site is among the ranking factors for search engines. Make sure that your website loads quickly and has good usability feature. Search engines do not favor sites that use Flash for fancy web design, so try to keep flash images or animation to a minimum or even better to remove any flash content from your website.

Link Building

Link building holds a lot of value in terms of SEO. A site that has inbound links on a popular website can expect to hold higher website value. So, take the extra effort to market your website to build your links. Link building can be a time taking and a challenging process but it’s highly worth the effort.

Source Code Clutter

There are times when a developer gets over excited and introduces complex code within the website. The search engine spiders do not favor too much of coding, especially codes that include JavaScript and others. The best thing to do is, keep your coding to a minimal and increase the volume of content.

Keyword Optimization

The impact of keywords is a magic formula in SEO for quite a long time now. It still remains to be. Choose keywords carefully that user’s type on search engines to reach to your website. Google analytics can help here to find out how customers are able to reach your website. Try to insert the keyword within the first 100 words and towards the end, and a few times in-between.

Back Links

Back links can be really tricky. While a SEO professional can be carried away with spamming on several sites to improve ranking. However, generating quality backlinks can organically boost your website ranking.

Post Long content

Ensure that the content is at least 1000 or may be 2000 words in length. A long form content reiterates the authenticity and the overall value of the content. It is a good choice to let a writing firm draft a high quality content for your business. It is also easy to include keywords in long content. There are good chances for your article to be ranked well if it has long content.

Outbound links

While many people do the mistake of not including an outbound link on their website, but an outbound link emphasizes that your article is both valid and informative, which gives a positive impression to search engines.

I hope this article helped you to know how your website can be ranked in search engines. If you have more ideas or SEO techniques, share it in comments so that it can benefit everyone.


It’s Time to solve your Business Problems with SEO

seo problem

Managing a business is a tedious task, because there are a lot of components that are attached to any business. Today, more and more businesses are conducting their business through the means of internet. With the internet evolved to a great extent, increasing number of businesses compete in the online space. There might be businesses that is either struggling with their online reputation or in their rankings on search engines. This blog will help you to unwind the intricacies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to solve your business problems successfully.

How does SEO really help to solve your business problems? That is the question that needs to be addressed. SEO is a search engine methodology created by Google to provide appropriate search results to the users for their search query. If you have not yet applied the SEO techniques, there might be something that you are still missing. Several companies have optimized their websites for search engines and have received their rewards. SEO has several phases of execution such as website analysis, keyword planning, On-page optimization, Off-page optimization etc to improve the value of your websites in search engines. Thereby, applying these SEO techniques effectively can make a tremendous impact on your business and solve some of the existing problems.

If I have to put everything in a nutshell, “I can say that SEO increases the overall value of your website”. A small illustration will clear the air and give you the right perspective about SEO. For example, there is a technique in SEO called as link building. Link building is the process of building chain of links over the internet that eventually points to your landing page. Such a procedure implies that your website is valuable and your resources are used everywhere. So, a website with good amount of links around receives a higher rating and increases the value of the site.

After you have applied the SEO technique, it’s time to watch out for the results. You may check the search engines to see how well your website is performing after applying these SEO techniques. It’s quite possible that your website has improved in its ranking after applying these techniques.

So, if you website is not making progress because of low-ranking or poor link building strategies, you may consult a SEO firm that can analyze the drawbacks in your website and convert them into positives. These measures can ultimately result in increased amount of traffic and sales to your website. Without doubt, SEO is a game changer for your business.